Battle of the shampoos!

Hey my lovelies! i want to start of by saying how sorry i am for not writing and updating my blog for a long time! For those of you who didn't know i finally plucked up the courage to start a YouTube channel and now i have i'm enjoying it more than anything! I've been super loving my YouTube and try and upload every Sunday. However managing my blog was hard as i only really had weekends free to do blog and YouTube! 

Today i wanted to talk about my favorite shampoos. I don't know why but lately i'm totally obsessed with getting my hair soft and smelling great. I have to admit i'm mainly boring and lazy when it come to hair! Most days my hair will either be natural or straightened which is easy and quick to do on the go! 

Aussie winter miracle - 
This shampoo is great for getting your hair super clean i've noticed when using this i only really have to wash my hair every 3 days as it doesn't get greasy, where as i normally find myself having to wash my hair every other day! I'm pretty sure you can pick this up at under a 5 er at boots! 

loreal elvive nutri - gloss - 
This product is so perfect if you like your hair to be very shiny! i love this for when i'm trying to get the silky look. When i used this i did get many comments on how my hair looked shiny and not only that i could notice myself! Only down  to this product is that the shine sometimes adds to greasy hair making it look 10 times worse on second day hair! This products actually have crystals in which i found pretty cool when i stumbled across it! 

Leo bancroft blissfully bouncy shampoo - 
When i curl my hair typically the curls fall out with my hair type, but since using this even if i don't curl my hair and leave it natural i have wayyy more volume. Any of you who love to have bouncy curls or even volumized hair this is definitely for you! This i received as a gift but i believe you can buy a full product available at Tesco! i could rave on all day but this is my secret to my bouncy curls! 

These are some of my favorite products that leave my hair in the good condition i feel it's in, my hair is like one of my priority's and by no means is it perfect but these definitely make a difference. All of which you can get i'm pretty sure under 5 pounds! 

Whats your favorite hair care products? 


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