So a year ago today Beauty With B was created! It wasn't actually a year since my first post was uploaded, but the day i actually got my blog going its been a year! Its so weird how when i started this i had no idea i would have any interest from others in my blog at all and having come a year i have already and it's something i could just never imagine happening. I've interacted with some of you lovely bloggers over twitter and that honestly makes me so happy to have this blog up and running. When my blog when it started was labeled to be " every week" however soon getting into it i realised how crazy it really was with going back into my new term at school! 

Over the course of this year although i haven't managed to work with any brands yet i've managed to do some great posts and review some amazing products! I love the fact that my blog is a place i can share my thoughts and keep a little diary of things that i can look back on! 

I'm so ready and up for another year of blogging and the future that blogging brings me. My main goal for blogging is to work with a brand hopefully one day into the future and i also hope to be able to have some amazing new opportunity's. For anyone that does read my blog on a regular basis or even just pop to read now and then thankyou! and i hope you enjoy!

I love all of you and here's to another year of blogging!!!


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  1. This is such a nice little post! Congratulations on 1 year of blogging and here's to the next year!! <3 x

    Jade | simplyjadey.blogspot.co.uk


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