My Pamper Routine!

So around this time of year i love nothing more than hot baths and hot coco and cosy things like that as you will know if you've read my blog before ( you will have seen me raving about this cosy time of year) So today i thought id share i'd everything i do on a pamper night! 

To start of with i like to take all my makeup of to make my face nice and fresh and to do this i like to use the Garnier Micellar cleansing water which works great 



So a pamper routine is not one without a bath! I like my bath to be bubbly and hot so products i use is the Radox sleep easy bubble bath and i also use the Candy mountain bubble bar by lush which is reusable and able to use more than once. A half creates enough bubbles.

 Whilst i'm in the bath i like to use the snow fairy shower jel by lush as well as the Clean on me shower jel by Soap and Gory! Current fav's and leave me smelling fresh.

For washing my hair i really pick out whatever shampoo and conditioner i am currently using which is currently Aussie winter miracle which i'm pretty sure is limited edition for winter! I also use the Aussie miracle moist conditioner which always leaves my hair looking and feeling like silk and is also not harsh on your hair.

When i get out i'll moisturize my face with the No7 protect and perfect intense night cream, I really like using this on my face for bed as it leaves it feeling very light and nice for bed. This is however only on the nights i don't tan or else at this point i would apply that.

For the whole of my body i use the soap and glory moisturizer and  soap and glory hand food. I love both of these for moisturized they both leave my skin feeling perfect and pampered. These are my current mus have's especially with i being winter. More important than ever to keep your skin in good condition. 

To finish off i'm going to be setting a nice vibe in my bedroom and i'm using some candles which i picked up from Primark and Avon for under £10 

That's pretty much my routine its not as fantsy and big as others but this just personally get me relaxed when i'm stressed. I'll then just pop on some YouTube, read or grab a cuppa.  

What do you do when you have a pamper night? 


Last minute gift guide! For her & him!

I don't know about anybody else but when it comes to the last week before Christmas i will sure not be done with Christmas pressies! I will defo still have the harder people to buy for left! These are a few gift guides i personally think people would love to receive or receive myself! 

Gift Guide for her!

Clothes -
Now this is a hard one unless you know the person real well and know sizes their style ect. Clothes are a great gift to give over the festive period, and a girl can obviously never have enough clothes! Even if its just a scalf or even a nice pair of socks! 

Jewelry -
Now this is a tip for you boyfriends out there if you wanna go all out on Christmas presents for her! 
Pandora have a great range of Jewelry which personally myself i love! what girl doesn't?:)
However you don't of course have to be a boyfriend to buy a girl jewelry and doesn't have to be Pandora! There are plenty more places that do also sell a great range of jewelry.

Perfume - 
Girls always to smell nice so what better time to give them their needs? I find around the Christmas period  ( Especially Christmas eve) they have a number of deals on with perfume in all shops! Receiving perfume is always a treat and also a very easy gift to buy! 

slippers - 
In our family i think almost every girl manages to gain a new pair of slippers on Christmas! i don't know weather its just us or everyone but slippers are always the main essential and super easy and cheap to get your hands on!

Gift Sets -
Gift sets are great because you can get a number of different things in them. Gift sets include things like fragrance, food, luxury comfort sets, bath sets and plenty more!

Gift Guide for him!

Again boys are slightly harder to choose for but if you know them well enough you'll find it very easy! Clothes are easy for a gift for any gender being they choose it themselves or you choose it for them! 

Aftershave - 
Again this is great for men as its a easy gift but also very good! I"m sure boys love to smell nice right boys?? So this is perfect! If you know their favorite then even better!

Shoes -
This this is a pair of trainers or boots but this is again real easy if you know their tastes! A new pair of shoes always comes in handy and you don't have to spend an awful lot either! 

Wallets -
Boys can be very unorganized so i think this is the perfect gift to make sure all their money is in one place and sorted! You Can pick these up from any where ranging from Primark to Debenhams anywhere is perfect and super quick and easy for last min shopping! 

Underwear and socks -
This is really simple and easy for the men out there you could get them Calvin Cleins or even some less pricey ones! Sock are super easy simple cheap and perfect to get your hands on aswell! 

what are you buying for your loved ones this year?


Christmas playlist!



So i would say its now totally okay to be blasting out your favorite Christmas tunes as were now in the festive holiday season and we've started our advent calendars its totally okay to be playing the songs around your house or on your way to school/work! 
The Christmas adverts are on and of course the songs have already started on the radio and music channels! 
I have to admit Christmas is my favorite time of year so i thought me being the Christmas lover i am its time to make a Christmas playlist of all the most loved Christmasy traditional songs! 
I have to admit again though there is a few songs that aren't so Christmasy however i just feel to me they remind me of Christmas! Any one else feel or just me? some song just remind me of Christmas aha.
If i have missed any you feel are a essential to listen to over the Christmas 
period please let me know! 

Whats your favorite Christmas song? 


Lush Brightside Bubble Bar


So Recently I've been super busy and want to start of this post apologizing how long its been since i last posted. Things have been really hectic lately from mock exams to studying to Xmas shopping. The next few weeks i'm looking to get back on track with my blogging, i have a number of posts planned over the Christmas period!

So quite a while back now i popped into lush whilst doing abit of shopping 
and went a little crazy on bath bombs! But i decided to just pick out the main bomb i enjoy the most all year round and share it!
The bright side bath bomb from lush comes in a range of colours and scents, I believe there is 3 different ones, there the only ones i ever seen anyway. There's a pink, orange and blue as far as i know, their the only ones i've tried and i love them all!

This one of corse as you can see is the orange one and smells exactly like oranges too! This is not a bath bomb this is of course a bubble bar which you crumble under your running water and it then makes bubbles and your bath a lovely orange colour! This whole bar itself is enough for two baths and is perfect if you love lots of bubbles! As you can see from the pictures above your bath looks very inviting and leaves you very relaxed. It also leaves your skin feeling soft smooth and very moisturized which i loveee!

Around this time of year i love nothing more than a warm bath as the weather at the minute isn't the warmest in England.There are obviously many bubble bars and bombs in lush however this is defo my favorite one! 

However i've tried most bath bombs from lush and i love them absolute all the same! 

whats your favorite bath bomb from lush? 


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