Christmas playlist!



So i would say its now totally okay to be blasting out your favorite Christmas tunes as were now in the festive holiday season and we've started our advent calendars its totally okay to be playing the songs around your house or on your way to school/work! 
The Christmas adverts are on and of course the songs have already started on the radio and music channels! 
I have to admit Christmas is my favorite time of year so i thought me being the Christmas lover i am its time to make a Christmas playlist of all the most loved Christmasy traditional songs! 
I have to admit again though there is a few songs that aren't so Christmasy however i just feel to me they remind me of Christmas! Any one else feel or just me? some song just remind me of Christmas aha.
If i have missed any you feel are a essential to listen to over the Christmas 
period please let me know! 

Whats your favorite Christmas song? 


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