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So Recently I've been super busy and want to start of this post apologizing how long its been since i last posted. Things have been really hectic lately from mock exams to studying to Xmas shopping. The next few weeks i'm looking to get back on track with my blogging, i have a number of posts planned over the Christmas period!

So quite a while back now i popped into lush whilst doing abit of shopping 
and went a little crazy on bath bombs! But i decided to just pick out the main bomb i enjoy the most all year round and share it!
The bright side bath bomb from lush comes in a range of colours and scents, I believe there is 3 different ones, there the only ones i ever seen anyway. There's a pink, orange and blue as far as i know, their the only ones i've tried and i love them all!

This one of corse as you can see is the orange one and smells exactly like oranges too! This is not a bath bomb this is of course a bubble bar which you crumble under your running water and it then makes bubbles and your bath a lovely orange colour! This whole bar itself is enough for two baths and is perfect if you love lots of bubbles! As you can see from the pictures above your bath looks very inviting and leaves you very relaxed. It also leaves your skin feeling soft smooth and very moisturized which i loveee!

Around this time of year i love nothing more than a warm bath as the weather at the minute isn't the warmest in England.There are obviously many bubble bars and bombs in lush however this is defo my favorite one! 

However i've tried most bath bombs from lush and i love them absolute all the same! 

whats your favorite bath bomb from lush? 


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