Best tan ever?

So the first time i think i ever used fake tan i remember putting way to much on and looking a streaky mess! Fake tan is always a risky one, your either going to look amazing with a great tan or.... your going to have patches and look dreadful! 

The trick with fake tan is making sure for starters you have a decent product. Now this doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive one in the world! you just to experiment and practice and eventually after a few months of patches and trying out you should find your desired tan! 

I always thought they had to be higher in a price range to be good, however i was so wrong! While i was away i ran out of my fake tan, DISASTER right? I picked this one up which is the ST.MORIZ gradual tanner! And i fell in love with it! The price you can also fall in love with too starting at £2.99 which you can get at b and m! It really doesn't look "fake" and its a perfect tan and not too orange or wow in your face! A little does go a long way i have to say! Usually i put my Dove tan on and it washes over after the second wash. With this tan i applied and still after having 2 showers yes its faded but its still there which i'm super happy with! It's very natural and if you like your tan super dark you can keep re applying until you get the perfect look for you! It does say on the back of the product to use a mit which i would recommend, i didn't have a mit so i had to keep washing my hands. 

This will definitely be a re purchase for me as i love it! 

What's your favorite tan?


Cheap affordable quality makeup brushes???

So about three weeks ago now i was on the hunt for some cheap but affordable makeup brushes! I thought to have a nosy on Ebay which to my surprise i found these beauts! They were £3.85 so i thought " i'll try them and see" after all they were only what £4 so if they didn't work no big deal right? They took about a week to ship which depends on your location. When i got them i was shocked at the quality they felt even better on my skin than my Real technique ones! 

They came with 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes there's a range of powder,contour,angled face brush, angle eye brush,inner crease brush, blending brush and a crease brush! i've most likely not listed all of them there and most likely haven't got any of the names correct but oh wellll. I'm still yet to wash these but so far i've seen no signs of shredding which is amazing! 

If your starting out with makeup and want a cheap affordable but good quality set of brushes or even if your not and want some newbies to your brush collection these are totally worth investing in! 

What are your favorite brushes? Are they affordable?


Best cleanser ever???

Hey lovelies! Today i'm going to blog about something that's been in my favorites a while and will definitely be in my in my June favorites! 
My Soap and glory peaches and clean 4 in 1 wash off cleansing milk has been treating my skin like a dream lately! I received this as a gift set at Christmas and recently started getting into it alot more! 

It's very thick so almost feels like moisturizer but not to mention THE SMELL! oh my goodness its amazing! I don't know about anyone else but i adore the smell of sun cream, this smells like a mix of sun cream and mint, it's just gorgeouss to wake up to and freshen my skin in the morning and just before i go to bed. 
It claims to melt away your makeup if of course you've left it when going to bed. I'm guilty of this i'll admit most of the time i'm too tired, too lazy or forget when i'm already in bed to remove my makeup.

I tend to apply this to my face leave it a min and wash it off. You don't have to do this and there's nothing i don't think saying to do this but its just something i like doing to make sure of course it does it's job and melts away makeup! 
All over it's a great cleanser and the best i've used so far! It sells at £8.00 at boots so not too bad for a great quality cleanser. 

Whats your favorite cleanser? 


Everyday makeup routine!

So everyday makeup for me can go from full coverage or minimum coverage. With having the hobbie of doing makeup i'm always practicing on myself. So guaranteed i've always got some description of makeup on my face being major or minor! In this post i've shown you a range of products i currently am loveing and also tried to make it as affordable as possible showing you some of my favorite drug stores aswell. This might be considered alot of makeup for day to do but whatever the weather at the moment these seem to appear in my everyday. My makeup bag if your wondering isn't anything special its from Primark and i'm sure i picked it up for about £7. 

This just makes my skin feel super soft and i is a great base. I wouldn't recommend this is you have an oily skin type as it feels very silicone based.  Next i'll apply my Rimmel match perfection foundation  I've tried many foundations and this will always be in my collection. It's so light weight and kind to my skin honestly this stuff is my holy grale. So for many YouTuber's i've seen use this product, it's a total disaster! Many have said its sticks to your skin which i can agree with. I don't however feel this is a terrible concealer and feel if you use it in the right way you won't get too bad effect. It's also a no complain game of the price which is why i put it in this post.  The Revolution focus and fix liquid concealer 
It does the job for fussy old me and only costs £2 which is bargain! Like i said it's cool fool for the price. 

 Next is one of my favorite parts and that's contouring. I have a very chubby face so the thought of making me look like i have a real jawline? yes please! So to start i like to set my concealer and also powder the rest of my face. To do this at the minute i've been loving the Maybeline matte maker
and the l'oreal infallible 24 hour matte powder  they both work pretty much the same i just switch now and then but overall really great powders for setting also. Onto my favorite part now, For bronzer i use and recommend the mua bronzed perfection I can't actually find the link for this online right now, i picked mine up in Superdrug for about £4 at the most probably. if i find the link i'll link it.But this isn't too warm but gives me the right amount of warmth even if that day i'm wearing a warmer foundation. To blush which i barley do, i'm not a big blush person, i'll wear it but i feel most blushes are very harsh and not very bendable. The Revolution ultra sculpt & contour kit  This palette is such a great little thing. The blush is so easy to blend and build able. The bronzer shade is also something i can't complain about. The highlighter has always been and always will be my favorite. Reminds me ever so much of the champagne pop by Becca. It's a nice white shade and reflects glow and not a nasty harsh white line affect which some highlighters tend to do.  

Next up is my brows. Isn't this an important part in anything?! I personally can leave the house without doing these but only if i'm in a real rush. But for everyday makeup look i like too. I am quite happy with my brow shape so i only try to enhance them not over draw them. To do This i range between the Eylure eye brow palette
and the Urban decay brow bar They both work great however my Urban decay is slightly too light so i usually tend to go for this on the inner part of my brow and the Eylure for the arch and tail as it's darker.

For my eyes i do a typical look from my go to Naked palette 
Feel you can never go wrong with a Naked palette it's got all the color's you need and is so simple. It will defiantly always be a holy grail 

I use the Thick and fast soap and glory mascara as well as the wake me up rimmel mascara  They make my lashes look full and these are my favorite of the moment. If i wear fake lashes i don't really have a 100% favorite i just apply wispy's which over the top i will apply these mascara's.

So lastly is lips. And again another of one of my favorites, So for lipstick i've been loving the Mac velvet teddy I originally got into this because Kylie Jenner wore the shade but is quite a popular. You'll either love or hate this, I feel like i go through phases but i do overall love it. For lip gloss i love the soap and glory range. These really do have a massive affect on your lips! I love the sexy motherpucker lipgloss  for sure and have alot from this collection.

Whats your go to makeup product?



So a year ago today Beauty With B was created! It wasn't actually a year since my first post was uploaded, but the day i actually got my blog going its been a year! Its so weird how when i started this i had no idea i would have any interest from others in my blog at all and having come a year i have already and it's something i could just never imagine happening. I've interacted with some of you lovely bloggers over twitter and that honestly makes me so happy to have this blog up and running. When my blog when it started was labeled to be " every week" however soon getting into it i realised how crazy it really was with going back into my new term at school! 

Over the course of this year although i haven't managed to work with any brands yet i've managed to do some great posts and review some amazing products! I love the fact that my blog is a place i can share my thoughts and keep a little diary of things that i can look back on! 

I'm so ready and up for another year of blogging and the future that blogging brings me. My main goal for blogging is to work with a brand hopefully one day into the future and i also hope to be able to have some amazing new opportunity's. For anyone that does read my blog on a regular basis or even just pop to read now and then thankyou! and i hope you enjoy!

I love all of you and here's to another year of blogging!!!


Simple foaming cleanser.

Hello lovelies! My blogging has been so bad recently, i think i've said that in the like last 3 posts right? 
Anyway apart from that "Beauty With B" turns 1 this week! How exciting! Blogging always makes me so happy!! I know i've been abit caught up lately with everything and blogging was the last thing but it was killing me not to be able to blog. Anyway i'm all scheduled for the future now! and i can't wait! There will be a blog post on Saturday which will explain everything! 

RAMBLE OVER. So lately i've been noticing my skin getting a few more break out's than normal. Normally my skin is perfectly fine and only really get the odd breakout here and there, but its been alot different lately. One thing i like to do to make sure my skin stays in condition is to clean my face morning and night with this Simple face cleanser. This sells for £4.49, i can't get enough of the stuff really, i've noticed a massive difference in my skin moving onto this. My skin always looks fresh and rarely get break outs when using this. I also recommend if you wear alot of makeup like me washing your face daily. It may seem a task but it really does keep your skin in tip top condition.

Simple is a skincare company if you hadn't already caught on. Simple include no added perfumes which i find great for my skin type ( sensitive skin ). If your looking for something to be easy and kind on your skin then i would 100% give it ago. I love their wipes and pretty much all their products i've tried. I don't really tend to use much else but simple!

What's your favorite skincare product? 


Lush Rub Rub Rub shower scrub!

Hey chums! So a couple of days ago i noticed myself getting very stressed out with my skin and basically with day to day things! I decided to have one of my favorite of all nights...... A pamper routine! I feel like sometimes you need to give your body a rest and let it breath as were so caught up with day to day life we become stressed out and that is why i adore this nights so much or even just a little pamper day! They really are important to all us girlies or even the males haha.

Recently i kindly got gifted the Lush Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, and let me tell you ITS AMAZING!! My skin typically doesn't react in a bad way to many things apart from anything in connection to Nivea or Johnsons! Already i'm a massive massive lush addict and am a big fan of their products! I've never tried a lush scrub so when i got kindly gifted this by a family member i was excited to try.

This comes close to my well loved Soap and glory scrub, In fact this is maybe my new favorite! This leaves my skin feeling soft and in great condition, this is so perfect fir after you've shaved your legs, apply some of this followed by abit of moisturizer and BAM you'll have the best skin in town! It's also great if your like me and use fake tan, you'll know its important to get it scrubbed off after. On a serious note this isn't on the super expensive side of things selling at £8.95, for me this ticks all the boxes and is perfect for the price! 

This is a really beautiful product, which i will continue on to purchase!


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