Best tan ever?

So the first time i think i ever used fake tan i remember putting way to much on and looking a streaky mess! Fake tan is always a risky one, your either going to look amazing with a great tan or.... your going to have patches and look dreadful! 

The trick with fake tan is making sure for starters you have a decent product. Now this doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive one in the world! you just to experiment and practice and eventually after a few months of patches and trying out you should find your desired tan! 

I always thought they had to be higher in a price range to be good, however i was so wrong! While i was away i ran out of my fake tan, DISASTER right? I picked this one up which is the ST.MORIZ gradual tanner! And i fell in love with it! The price you can also fall in love with too starting at £2.99 which you can get at b and m! It really doesn't look "fake" and its a perfect tan and not too orange or wow in your face! A little does go a long way i have to say! Usually i put my Dove tan on and it washes over after the second wash. With this tan i applied and still after having 2 showers yes its faded but its still there which i'm super happy with! It's very natural and if you like your tan super dark you can keep re applying until you get the perfect look for you! It does say on the back of the product to use a mit which i would recommend, i didn't have a mit so i had to keep washing my hands. 

This will definitely be a re purchase for me as i love it! 

What's your favorite tan?


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