Cheap affordable quality makeup brushes???

So about three weeks ago now i was on the hunt for some cheap but affordable makeup brushes! I thought to have a nosy on Ebay which to my surprise i found these beauts! They were £3.85 so i thought " i'll try them and see" after all they were only what £4 so if they didn't work no big deal right? They took about a week to ship which depends on your location. When i got them i was shocked at the quality they felt even better on my skin than my Real technique ones! 

They came with 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes there's a range of powder,contour,angled face brush, angle eye brush,inner crease brush, blending brush and a crease brush! i've most likely not listed all of them there and most likely haven't got any of the names correct but oh wellll. I'm still yet to wash these but so far i've seen no signs of shredding which is amazing! 

If your starting out with makeup and want a cheap affordable but good quality set of brushes or even if your not and want some newbies to your brush collection these are totally worth investing in! 

What are your favorite brushes? Are they affordable?


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