Lush Rub Rub Rub shower scrub!

Hey chums! So a couple of days ago i noticed myself getting very stressed out with my skin and basically with day to day things! I decided to have one of my favorite of all nights...... A pamper routine! I feel like sometimes you need to give your body a rest and let it breath as were so caught up with day to day life we become stressed out and that is why i adore this nights so much or even just a little pamper day! They really are important to all us girlies or even the males haha.

Recently i kindly got gifted the Lush Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, and let me tell you ITS AMAZING!! My skin typically doesn't react in a bad way to many things apart from anything in connection to Nivea or Johnsons! Already i'm a massive massive lush addict and am a big fan of their products! I've never tried a lush scrub so when i got kindly gifted this by a family member i was excited to try.

This comes close to my well loved Soap and glory scrub, In fact this is maybe my new favorite! This leaves my skin feeling soft and in great condition, this is so perfect fir after you've shaved your legs, apply some of this followed by abit of moisturizer and BAM you'll have the best skin in town! It's also great if your like me and use fake tan, you'll know its important to get it scrubbed off after. On a serious note this isn't on the super expensive side of things selling at £8.95, for me this ticks all the boxes and is perfect for the price! 

This is a really beautiful product, which i will continue on to purchase!


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