My Pamper Routine!

So around this time of year i love nothing more than hot baths and hot coco and cosy things like that as you will know if you've read my blog before ( you will have seen me raving about this cosy time of year) So today i thought id share i'd everything i do on a pamper night! 

To start of with i like to take all my makeup of to make my face nice and fresh and to do this i like to use the Garnier Micellar cleansing water which works great 



So a pamper routine is not one without a bath! I like my bath to be bubbly and hot so products i use is the Radox sleep easy bubble bath and i also use the Candy mountain bubble bar by lush which is reusable and able to use more than once. A half creates enough bubbles.

 Whilst i'm in the bath i like to use the snow fairy shower jel by lush as well as the Clean on me shower jel by Soap and Gory! Current fav's and leave me smelling fresh.

For washing my hair i really pick out whatever shampoo and conditioner i am currently using which is currently Aussie winter miracle which i'm pretty sure is limited edition for winter! I also use the Aussie miracle moist conditioner which always leaves my hair looking and feeling like silk and is also not harsh on your hair.

When i get out i'll moisturize my face with the No7 protect and perfect intense night cream, I really like using this on my face for bed as it leaves it feeling very light and nice for bed. This is however only on the nights i don't tan or else at this point i would apply that.

For the whole of my body i use the soap and glory moisturizer and  soap and glory hand food. I love both of these for moisturized they both leave my skin feeling perfect and pampered. These are my current mus have's especially with i being winter. More important than ever to keep your skin in good condition. 

To finish off i'm going to be setting a nice vibe in my bedroom and i'm using some candles which i picked up from Primark and Avon for under £10 

That's pretty much my routine its not as fantsy and big as others but this just personally get me relaxed when i'm stressed. I'll then just pop on some YouTube, read or grab a cuppa.  

What do you do when you have a pamper night? 


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