So with going to school i don't normally wear nails or have them done or painted, However in half terms and holidays i normally make the most of it! Even though it's the half term i don't normally buy or even invest in fake nails to do yourself at home and they either normally fall off, snap or break or i end up gluing my fingers together so normally i will just paint them or go to a salon. 

That was until i came across the "ELEGANT TOUCH" nails which are perfect! They are very pricey and do cost around £7.99 for one pack of them at super drug, but they are definitely worth it! These nails have two designs to choose from which you will see in the photos above. The first ones you can get is the nails with glue which are simple and easy to stick down or the ready sticky peel of nails, with the ready sticky ones they come across as the silly kiddy ones you used to get that would fall off after 5 mins however these are amazingggggg and last for around a 4/5 days for me which is great for sticky ones and also if you dont want them on for many days like me. The glue ones seem to be so much easier than the other many glue on nails I've tried and also last me around 1/1 and a half weeks!  They have so many colours  and sizes which is amazing. 

They are also not too long and make your nails look natural which i don't know about you but for me i always tend to tape towards the faker looking long one's. So was mice to have some more natural looking ones.

You can pick these up at super drug for sure and boots too!

                                      BEAUTY WITH B X 

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